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Work With Me – Let’s Make Your Guest Experience Even Better

Work With Me As A Coach Holiday Expert

During my 25 career I have taken all sorts of coach holidays all over the world.

It’s given me a unique and valuable insight into this type of travel and the benefits for travellers.

However, it can be difficult to find independent advice relating to coach holidays – someone that can help new travellers understand the differences between different itineraries and companies.

I help people to find their perfect coach holiday – reducing poor reviews due to differing expectations, wrong tour choice, wrong tour pace or any of the other common issues that affect coach holiday guests.

I also work with coach holiday companies to;

  • Improve pre booking information for guests to reduce problems on holiday
  • Reviewing and improving itineraries to avoid operational issues on tours
  • Reviewing tours in person, giving intense customer feedback with actionable improvements, reducing complaints and increasing return bookings