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The Coach Holiday Expert – Helping You Find Your Perfect Holiday

Hello to You

? New to coach holidays and looking for some help?

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Why Am I The Coach Holiday Expert?

Worked with coach holiday guests for over 30 years

Taken coach holidays all over the world

Worked with UK and American travellers

Taken first departure tour and private group tours

Where Have I Taken Tours As The Coach Holiday Expert?

England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Shetland

France, Belgium, Holland

Germany, Spain, Portugal, Azores, Morocco

Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Estonia

Russia, China, Australia, New Zealand

The Coach Holiday Expert Team

Sniffing out great coach holidays

melanie the professional traveller
lotty the professional traveller
christy the professional traveller


Coach Holiday Expert

Very much like a dachshund myself. Determined to hunt out a bargain and sniff out great deals. Not great at being told what to do either!


Expert Sleeper

As the oldest member of the team (in doggy years) Lotty gets to sleep a lot. She can’t see very much now, or hear very well but she still makes her views known.


Treat Demon

Able to sniff out a gravy bone or a treat in the local area, Christy loves her food. Every meal time she barks with excitement – similar to her owner?!


a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area.
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